Nutella Almond Cherry Granola

Crunchy Nutella coated granola with dried cherries, almonds, and chocolate chips.

Nutella Cherry Almond Granola

My bags are packed and ready to go on a plane that their owner is not so excited to get on. I’m heading back to yucky school tomorrow after a wonderfully long, lazy break. While I was home, I got to sleep until 8 (yes, 8 is late for me), watch too many movies, read for fun (I remembered that reading actually can be fun when it’s not assigned!), bake and photograph a ton of recipes, and eat actual food. Now I get to return to my cramped dorm room to wake up early, not watch too many movies, read “good” literature, bake infrequently, and eat cafeteria food…can you tell I’m excited? (more…)

Almond Kringle

Almond Kringle

Flaky, soft pastry with a silky almond icing, topped with crunchy almonds.  Ok I’m officially confused…I’ve spent 30 minutes researching the difference between a kringle and a kringler. Kringles are a Scandinavian pastry, but they vary slightly depending on what...