Lemon Almond Sugar Cookies

Buttery sugar cookies with a lemon tang and a hint of almond.Lemon Almond Sugar Cookies

This recipe came about because I wanted iced sugar cookies and I had an unused lemon in my fridge that I felt bad wasting. The lemon zest is a delicious summery twist to my grandma’s sugar cookies! It is the same cookie recipe I posted for Christmas and Easter, but I added the lemon zest and just a smidgen of almond extract. Almond extract is really strong so even though I only added 1/4 teaspoon you can definitely taste it. If you aren’t a fan of almond extract, you can skip it and bump the vanilla extract up to 1 teaspoon.Lemon Almond Sugar Cookies

I used a circle biscuit cutter to cut the cookies out. And then I cut the circle in half to make the wedges. You could also leave them as circles and decorate them as lemon slices. (more…)