Classic Cheesecake

Fluffy, creamy, and light cheesecake made with cream cheese and ricotta and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.Classic Cheesecake

My family goes to Capital Grille for special occasions and they make the fluffiest cheesecake. I’ve never been a huge fan of cheesecake because it’s usually really dense. But this stuff is like eating a cloud … but tastier. I decided that I didn’t just want fluffy cheesecake on special occasions, so I came up with a copy cat.Classic Cheesecake

This cake is not difficult to make, but it is a little time consuming because of the bake time and rest time. (more…)

Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka

Tender brioche bread swirled with chocolatey goodness.  Are you drooling? Because I am. Babka is a traditional Jewish bread that is usually filled with chocolate or cinnamon. I chose chocolate because why would you not choose chocolate? I happened upon...