German Chocolate Cake

Moist chocolate cake slathered with gooey coconut pecan frosting and wrapped with decadent chocolate frosting.

German Chocolate CakeGuess what? It’s Birch Tree Baking’s 1st Birthday!! I started this blog one year ago when I was twiddling my thumbs in high school. I know it’s cheesy but this year has truly flown by. Since then I’ve graduated from high school, started college, began a club, finished a successful semester, bought a fancy/slightly terrifying camera, and made a whole-lotta baked goods! I have posted 43 recipes, 2 skill work posts, and 2 goofy posts. I was talking with my mom the other day about how ironic it is that I am writing voluntarily and for fun when I used to sit at the kitchen table and have meltdowns over English essays. 

cupcake treeSo to wish my website a happy birthday, I made a cake … is that weird?

This is my favorite cake…I usually can’t make up my mind about what is my favorite cookie, brownie, cake, etc., but I can definitely say this is my favorite cake. Red Velvet and these Almond Joy Cupcakes are probably close seconds. I made this cake while I was at home a month ago so this post has been painful to write … writing about the cake from heaven and looking at pictures of the cake from heaven without having a slice of the cake from heaven sitting next to my computer was a unpleasant experience.

German Chocolate Cake

This cake is light, moist, and chocolatey all at the same time. Then you slather coconut pecan frosting on top, circle it with rich chocolate frosting and you have yumminess. Chocolate cake is good but this coconut pecan frosting adds another layer of awesomeness. It’s gooey and sweet and has the coconut texture and the pecan crunch…I’m drooling.