Chocolate Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Soft cocoa sugar cookies sandwiched with a burst of sweet raspberry jam.

Chocolate Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Big news! This is my 99th post! What?! How?! And wow is the pressure on for my next post… I mean my 100th post has to be like knock you off your feet spectacular, right? I really can’t believe that I’ve posted that many times. That means I know 99 things about baking!

Also now that it is December 1st the Christmas Yumminess Countdown must commence!christmas yumminess countdown

I still have 2 finals until I can schnoodle up in my flannel pajamas and slippers and bake more desserts than my family could ever possibly consume. So excited!

So these cookies are my Chocolate Sugar Cookie repurposed into a jam sandwich cookie. They have that wonderful cocoa taste with a burst of sweet raspberry jam in the middle.