Pretzel Hugs

Chocolate pretzels made easy with a little bling on top.

Pretzel Hug

It’s Friday night and I feel free. Most college students would be out partying to express their liberation…but I’m writing you beautiful people a blog post. I’ve tried over the past couple days to write a post; however, I discovered that inspired writing is not fostered by “exhausted and annoyed college student.” But I just ate dinner and watched a movie with some awesome people, and I feel like I absorbed some of their awesomeness. 

I’m also so excited because I get to see my amazing family in 3 weeks! I haven’t seen my brother, my dad, or my doggy in 3 months! Christmas break is in sight folks! I have 8 more days of classes, 2 reading days, 3 finals, and then I’m home for a month!

The only thing to bring down my mood right now is the fact that no pretzel hugs are available. No, I do not want a hug from a pretzel. I am hug deprived here at college with no mommy to give me a goodnight hug, but I’m not asking pretzels for hugs yet. No see, this recipe is a pretzel with a melted Hershey’s Hug on top and a M&M in the middle. Let me tell you something though…you may not be getting an actual hug, but it’s pretty darn close.