Key Lime Coconut Macaroons

Sweet and soft coconut macaroons with a tang of key lime.

Key Lime Coconut MacaroonsI thought I would update you on my 2015 goals from this post since we are already a quarter of the way through this year…how this can be, I do not know.

Pictures taken with ginormous and terrifying camera: gazillion (…maybe an exaggeration)

Pictures that look decent from ginormous and terrifying camera: 30 (goal 1: learn to use ginormous and terrifying camera…working on it

Classes forgotten this semester: 0 (goal 3: don’t forget class … I think I deserve a sticker)

French classes left: 25 (goal 2: Finis francais…the pain is almost over)

Final verdict on the words “bonds payable”, “premium”, “discounts”,and  “par value”: most definitely cruel joke (goal 4…fear confirmed)

Cookies eaten: a healthy 5 per day…poor dining hall quality calls for more quantity (goal 5: eat more cookies…always room for improvement)