Dutch Baby

A buttery, baked pancake with the eggy texture of a crêpe.Dutch Baby

If a crepe and a pancake had a baby, it would be a Dutch Baby! It has the thickness of a pancake but has the eggy texture of a crepe. My favorite feature of the dutch baby is the buttery taste. I like to use salted butter because it gives a little salty flavor to counter whatever sweet topping you choose. I usually make this in the fall with an apple cranberry compote, but I thought I’d share the plain version first. You can enjoy it plain or top it with whipped cream, powdered sugar, jam or berries.Dutch Baby

It is made from pretty basic ingredients…eggs, flour, sugar, milk. You can make it either in a cast iron pan, a skillet, or an omelet pan that is about 11 inches in diameter. I have also halved the recipe, reduced the cooking time, and made it an 8 inch omelet pan. Whatever pan you use, make extra sure that it is oven safe… so not a nonstick pan. (more…)

Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Vanilla cake and frosting covered in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Cake pops are a great invention. No fork required, chocolate, and you can eat multiples because 10 cake pops = 1 slice of cake, right? Cake Pops are just...