Cranberry Orange Scones

Zesty, buttery scones with bursts of juicy cranberries.Cranberry Orange Scones

Sorry for the posting hiatus… this semester has been absolute craziness, but I only have two more days of class and then I’m free for an entire 5 day weekend! I’m planning on eating, baking, sleeping, and more eating! My sister and I always spend Thanksgiving together since it’s too far to go home for the weekend. We keeping getting “Aww that’s so sad” from various people. But really, we love our Thanksgivings! We have deli turkey since neither of us can really cook and then I make oodles of dessert. I don’t see what’s too sad about that. Dessert and no vegetables!!Cranberry Orange Scones

Anyways, I wanted to post something Thanksgiving-ey and immediately thought of these scones. These scones are not your usual coffeehouse brick scones. They’re buttery and fluffy and bursting with zesty orange flavor and pockets of juicy, tart cranberries. These would be ideal for Thanksgiving morning or a snack while people are waiting for dinner! 


Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Vanilla cake and frosting covered in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Cake pops are a great invention. No fork required, chocolate, and you can eat multiples because 10 cake pops = 1 slice of cake, right? Cake Pops are just...